Permanently closed

With regret we inform you that Thien Gheboden is permanently closed.
Thank you from the bottom of our heart to everyone for the support and for the many wonderful moments!

We still believe in the pay-what-you-can system, which has meanwhile also been successfully introduced in Ghent at Eethuis KAROOT.
We are convinced that more restaurants will introduce this system in the future and are proud that we were able to make our contribution.

Pay what you can

Thien Gheboden is an inclusive restaurant where families who struggle financially can also enjoy a great time at a restaurant. Thanks to the pay-what-you-can system, you only pay what you can afford for a meal.

Dining without worries

Dining together is about more than sharing a meal. Making time for each other allows us to enjoy what really matters in life. At Thien Gheboden we want you to enjoy the complete restaurant experience in a pleasant setting without any worries.

We can already hear you thinking: “Isn’t that what every restaurant is about?” It may sound obvious, but in Belgium 1 in 5 families indicate that they find it difficult to make ends meet, temporarily or for a longer period of time (check out the detailed figures on Due to all kinds of circumstances, it’s not always easy to enjoy a good dining experience without any worries.

No prices on the menu?

At Thien Gheboden we have full confidence in you. You can best assess what you can pay for your restaurant visit. So indeed, you will not find prices on our food menu. What you can find on our menu is a nice selection of delicious classics from the French cuisine. And besides the menu, you will find everything here that you are used to from a restaurant. We complete your visit with a pleasant setting and friendly service.

So how does that work with the bill?

Alongside the amount for the drinks, you will be able to write down the amount for the meal and the accompanying restaurant experience.

Can this system sustain itself?

We believe in a workable balance between the contributions of our customers. The pay-what-you-can model has been around for some time in countries like Great Britain, the United States, Austria and Australia. So why wouldn’t it work in a city on a human scale like Mechelen? We would therefore like to invite you to dine together. Whether you experience financial challenges or not. Together we can keep the restaurant running. Because in the end we all want the same thing: to enjoy life without worries!